The menu below draws from a range of disciplines, including calisthenics, weightlifting, powerlifting, kettlebell sport, Indian clubs, steel mace and clubs, ground-based movement and mobility, and martial arts. Be sure to ask about the daily specials!


10-20 min movement sessions designed to fight the sedentary life of the Office Ninja.

Morning Flow
Light strength & mobility exercises to go from stiff to supple.

Indian Club Level 1
Foundational Indian club exercises to enhance your mobility practice.

Indian Club Level 0
Building on Level 1, this session layers basic patterns to develop coordination.

Skill Practice
This session focuses on skill development using a barbell, kettlebell, club, mace, or your own bodyweight.

Super Baby Warm-up
Josh’s go-to warm-up inspired by how babies learn to move.


Have fun while building multi-planar strength & power with the kettlebell.

Power Clubs
Build cave(wo)man strength as we explore the possibilities with heavy power clubs.

Steel Mace
Train like a warrior with this ancient tool of strength.

Squat. Bench. Deadlift. Clean. Snatch. Repeat.

Discover how you can use your own bodyweight to unlock new strength.

Strength & Conditioning
Develop athletic performance through hard work, grit, and a well-designed training program.


Evening Flow
Gentle, meditative movement, designed to calm the mind and body.

Mini Stretch
5-10 min express stretch to target priority areas.

Super Stretch
10-30 min stretch session to hit every nook & cranny.

Still the body. Still the mind.

Breath Work
Breath exercises designed to increase aerobic capacity & alter your mental state.

Core Finisher
For those who want a little extra, this “core” finisher has just the right amount of … spice.

Our strength is responsibly caught from sustainable sources.